Nobody’s Dream: Stories of Scottish Devolution


The Guardian’s Scotland blog today features a 30m podcast on Scottish devolution from a research workshop supported by the Centre for Scottish Studies.

Scottish Parliament 1

There is no grand narrative underpinning the most important constitutional process of our times. Partly for this reason, the meaning of devolution is unsettled and up for grabs.

The podcast – entitled ‘Nobody’s Dream’ – explores the difficulty of making a cohesive story out of Scottish devolution, and the competing narratives and perspectives brought to the question by writers, historians, parliamentarians and constitutional experts.

It emerges from an inter-disciplinary research workshop supported by the British Academy, entitled  ‘Narrating Scottish Devolution’. This examines the idea of ‘cultural devolution’ – the notion that writers and artists made Holyrood possible – and in the podcast you’ll hear workshop participants revisit a side of the story which is less about taxation powers than the management of national feeling.

Special thanks to the Scottish Political Archive and to participants in the workshop.