Conference: IF SCOTLAND: POSTING 2014, 23-24 August

The Stirling Centre for Scottish Studies is very proud to host IF SCOTLAND: POSTING 2014, a two-day conference and festival exploring how the indyref will be remembered and understood a few decades from now – once the uncertainties of September 2014 have set and hardened into historical facts.

The event will consider a wide range of post-Yes and post-No possibilities, and is aimed at the general public as much as academics and postgraduates.

Confirmed speakers include Lesley Riddoch, Ken MacLeod, Jenni Calder, Michael Keating, Catriona Macdonald, David Torrance, Kirstin Innes, Aileen McHarg and Cairns Craig – and many other distinguished scholars, activists and commentators.


In addition to lectures, papers and debates, the programme features:

  • special panels on the future of Scottish literature and politics

The registration fee is £80 for salaried academic delegates, and much less for postgraduates, independent scholars and members of the public (£20). Lunches on both days are included in the fee.

The Call for Papers closes in late June, and online registration is open now.  Full details, and news of further confirmed speakers and collaborations, at the conference website:

Facebook Event

Twitter: @ifscotland